I do not.


On 7/11/11 5:57 PM, Mohit T wrote:
Ok if I cannot do it with tools twitter gives me, maybe you know any
such companies like you mentioned? It would be a great help.

On Jul 11, 4:49 pm, Tom van der Woerdt<i...@tvdw.eu>  wrote:
No, the search API only goes a few (2-3) days back. Maybe some company
has kept track of that information over the past years, but you can't do
it with the tools Twitter gives you.


On 7/11/11 5:47 PM, Mohit T wrote:

Say if I do not want streaming but I want historical tweets since
creation of twitter? Is this possible?
On Jul 11, 2:11 pm, Tom van der Woerdt<i...@tvdw.eu>    wrote:
Yes, but you will have to do that by getting all the tweets and doing a
count on them. The best way to get all these tweets is to use the
streaming api (which will simply send all these tweets to you). I'm
afraid I cannot reach dev.twitter.com atm - look for "Streaming" or
On 7/11/11 3:08 PM, Mohit T wrote:
You will have to break it down further. Sorry I am new to this area
and my programming is not strong. Essentially I want a word count per
minute of a "keyword" which is in a tweet I enter for the last 1 year.
Can this be done?
On Jul 11, 2:01 pm, Tom van der Woerdt<i...@tvdw.eu>      wrote:
Open a connection to the Streaming API (filter stream) and count the
amount of incoming tweets.
More information onhttp://dev.twitter.com/
On 7/11/11 12:22 PM, Mohit T wrote:
Hi there,
I am doing research on how the gold prices in the market are affected
by number of tweets.
Hence does anybody know how I can get data on how many times gold is
tweeted (preferably to lowest frequency, maybe 1 minute) or even 1
If anybody can help me I would appreciate it very very much

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