Congratulations on the new site! It looks great and really seems to be
a big improvement in terms of topic organization.

Brian Maso

On Jul 11, 11:12 am, Arnaud Meunier <> wrote:
> Today we're launching the new version of our Twitter Developer Site. With
> over 1,000,000 registered applications and 750,000 developers building on
> the platform today, we needed a new home to support the Twitter community
> better. So, we listened to everyone and gathered your ideas. The new site
> enhances communication channels, offers improved reference material and
> documentation, and will foster better interaction for everyone who visits
> it.
> As you dive in, you’ll notice a number of changes. We focused on tightly
> structuring the content so it is more easily discoverable and
> understandable. Because the site will have to change over time to serve the
> needs of our evolving community, we relaunched it using Drupal, which
> provides more flexibility, better tools than we had, and a large developer
> network with whom we can work more closely. The new also
> includes the following highlights:
> * Discussions - We need a place to talk with each other that gives us more
> functionality than we have now. So, it’s time to move away from the mailing
> list. In the new discussions section, you’ll find “Hot Topics” for the most
> popular conversations. And you can subscribe to the categories and threads
> that interest you most. Lastly, we created a “Dev Teatime” section to focus
> on a more social side of the community. We hope to get to know more of you
> through this feature, so please check it 
> out.
> * Developer Blog - The new blog provides a place to learn about important
> API announcements, events, tips and how-tos, case studies on great apps,
> product insights, and more. We’ll be featuring content from a variety of
> different teams here at Twitter, as well as highlighting great applications
> built on the platform. We’ll also be featuring guest blog posts from
> community members.
> * Better Documentation - The docs have better structure and searchability
> and should feel more intuitive. They are easier to update, so you’ll know
> you are always reading the most up to date information when you’re looking
> for what you need.
> * Improved Apps Management - The new app manager has a streamlined design
> that provides more comprehensive information for your 
> app.
> * Enhanced Search - Powered by Apache Solr, searching the new
> also got a boost. We have a unified search engine with
> filters and expect results to be more relevant. Also, we can search the
> archive from our Groups mailing list.
> Most importantly, this is just a starting point and we really want to hear
> from everyone. We will continue to add new features based on what we need
> and what we learn. The site will be an ongoing effort and we’d love to hear
> your thoughts in the Feedback section of our new Discussions area. We hope
> everyone enjoys the new site and look forward to making this the best
> developer site it can be.
> Arnaud / @rno

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