Hi everyone:

To see the issue please navigate to this url from any browser [I used


this url is for a twitter popup that appears after clicking on
"Connect with twitter" button,but in a webcontainer that is developed
in an iphone application it shows as a main page not a
popup,webcontainer doesn't allow popups so instead it redirects to the
url of that popup,it's a native web container so we can't do anything
about it.

as you may notice,querystring (oauth_callback_url) is provided in that
url so when I click on cancel in that page it should redirect the user
back to the url provided in that querystring,but instead it doesn't do

Is there any solution for this? All I want is that cancel button
should redirect the user to the url provided in that
querystring,nothing more.

Note: if you want more details and straightforward steps to reproduce
this issue just let me know.

Thanks in advance and please it's very urgent,we can't go on further
in development without getting a solution for this issue,without a
solution we won't be able to go on and integrate twitter with our

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