I've been talking to Fenrir (our would-be hacker) and it looks like he's
still interested. So magicians/faces are *more* welcome. If you have other
characters you have already made for things, I'd be happy to take a look,

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 11:10 PM, Jay Dal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hey there latent Shadowcrew,
> I'm running a game of Shadowrun at www.hyperactive.com.au, my own native
> forum. It's *loosely *based around computer games, but the Off Topic
> section really took over, and there's a lot of long-time, high-postcount
> members who never stray from that section. Anyway, given the fact that it is
> predominately a forum for nerds, I thought I'd try my luck at setting up a
> Shadowrun PBP game for them. So far, it's been a bit touch and go. I had
> something like 5 people interested at one point, although a few dropped out
> and some still haven't got their shit together. I've managed to start two
> characters in IC.
> Characters playing so far:
> The Orange - The Orange is an infiltration specialist. He's a barrens rat
> orc, with a huge extended family living in an abandoned apartment complex in
> the barrens, and defended by a small time street-gang comprised of his
> brothers and cousins. His girlfriend is quite ill, and it's tough getting
> food and meds to his family. He's naturally intelligent and ambitious, and
> while using his street honed skills to lift a purse he found himself mixed
> up in a professional runner team led by the enigmatic and mysterious Crazy
> May, who supplemented his abilities with ware and instilled the professional
> paranoia of a real shadowrunner. Unfortunately, a run goes south and the
> team gets hosed. Orange finds himself without connections and a Johnson
> breathing down his neck for the paydata. This is where he starts off.
> Karuda - Tatsu Karuda was a Renraku citizen. He was the son of an esteemed
> in-house security professional, and on the fast-track to becoming a red
> samurai. Unfortunately, his bosses decided to funnel his skills into a few
> Yakuza operations, and when his code of honour found him staring down his
> blade at an innocent woman, he refused to do his duty, and lost a hand for
> it. Burned of his honour and with the shame of failure, he extricated his
> naive corporate family of his mother and sister from Renraku's Tokyo home
> and boarded a plane to Seattle, on the back of his schoolyard friend, Meiji,
> now a duplicitous Renraku fixer fulfilling his company's interests in
> Seattle, where there business is seldom as welcom as it used to be. He's
> currently picking up some hardware to begin work as a street samurai.
> Unfortunately, our would-be Hacker is a pretty meticulous guy, and seems
> unwilling to play until he fully understands the system and gameworld. I
> haven't heard from him in a few weeks, so I'm not sure if he's still buried
> in the source material or he's lost interest. I also had another player who
> had a mystic adept Face character ready to play, but he ended up losing
> interest while I was waiting for his background, so now I'm short of that
> aspect, too.
> I've pretty much exhausted most leads I have within the forums who might be
> interested, so I thought I'd put the offer to you guys. Anyone want to join
> up? These are the roles to be filled:
> -Matrix Specialist (I'm not really looking for rigger-spec characters, as I
> don't really want to have to deal with vehicle rules too often, but I don't
> mind a few drones)
> -Magic Specialist (Astral Cover, spells, conjuring) - The character who was
> going to do this was a mystic adept, with Kinesics and improved
> negotiation/con, a few spells and a lot of bonus dice in Conjuring)
> -Face (So far, neither Karuda or Orange are skilled in social interaction,
> and it's been hard for Orange to even get into clubs, deal with his family
> members and handle business)
> Personally, the Matrix and Magic roles need to be filled, and I'd rather
> keep it to four players, so ideally I'd like social interaction to be a
> secondary role of one of the above characters.
> Straight off the bat, I'd like to offer a spot to Chrysalis, as I enjoy
> your playing style and you also post fairly frequently. Also, JC is welcome
> if he's interested, because I tried to get a Dumpshock PBP SR3 game going
> with him once and I ended up dropping out. However, I'll be considering all
> offers.
> Finally, even if you're not going to be joining the team, feel free to read
> the IC thread <http://www.hyper.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=16159>. If
> you're interested in how I introduced a bunch of shadowrun/PnP virgins to
> the game, here's the OC 
> Thread<http://www.hyper.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=15684>.
> There's also a lot of visual stimuli in the OC Thread that I used to
> acclimatize the newbies to the shadowrun feel.
> Cheers,
> Jay

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