> >>usisng FtpCli component, how to get the size of the remote file before
> >>the download?

> >Use the SIZE or MLST methods.

> They both are boolean values. Do I have to parse the answer of the
> server to find the file size? I ask if there is an easier way.

After the SIZE command, you have the result into SizeResult property.
After the MLST command, you get RemFacts property with result. You can decode 
this result using
DecodeMlsResp (add FtpSrvT to the uses clause).

btw: Use Async operation to have better control on what happend in the program. 
Async method have
their name ending with Async. ie: SizeAsync. With Async, you place your 
processing code in the
OnRequestDone event handler. Async means non blocking. The component work in 
the background.


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