On some platforms my applications halts with the following error message:
Error 10022 in function
Invalid argument

I think it may be due to how the IP socket is created, based on the following info I found on Microsofts web site:
The Winsock 2 socket flag WSA_FLAG_OVERLAPPED needs to be set if the socket will be used in non-blocking mode when running on Windows NT 4.0. Failure to set this flag can result in subsequent Winsock API failure. For example, on Windows NT 4.0, WSAConnect fails with error code 10022, WSAEINVAL if the socket was created without this flag and the socket is placed into non- blocking mode prior to it being called.
A socket must be created with its overlapped I/O attribute set if overlapped I/O is to be performed using the socket. This can be done either by creating the socket with the WSASocket API with the WSA_FLAG_OVERLAPPED, or by creating the socket via the socket API. However, if the socket will be set to non-blocking mode (on Windows NT 4.0), the socket must also be created with its overlapped attribute set, even if no overlapped I/O will be performed with the socket. A socket is placed into non-blocking mode when either the WSAEventSelect or WSAAsyncSelect APIs are called or if the FIONBIO command is used in the ioctlsocket API.

To achieve cross-platform portability between Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, you are strongly encouraged to employ the WSA_FLAG_OVERLAPPED flag when using the WSASocket API, even if no overlapped I/O operations are to be performed with the socket.

I would like to know how/where I can set the flag in TWSocket


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