Hi List,

It look like I have a problem with the FTP-Client message processing.

In my application I have a thread, that ist responsible for exchanging files 
via FTP.
This application works nicely and with out putting any load to the cpu.

Now I realized, that it is my application that slows down the starting of other 
If I start the windows explorer with the "windows key + E" it normally takes 
way less then a second until the explorer is started.
If now my application is running, the same procedure takes more than 6-8 

Now, the my thread that does the ftp has in its execute a 
WaitForMultibleMessages , with a timeout of 1 Second.
If I reduce the timeout, the explorer its started way faster. If I put it to 
100 Second one couldn't await the start any more.

Tracing into my app I found "TFtpClient using TCustomWSocket.ProcessMessage" 

I now assume, that starting the windows explorer with the "windows key+E" 
causes a bunch of messages being produced by the system, which due to my thread 
timeout are processed very slow thereby delaying the explorer start.

Has anyone made experiences like this before too? Is there a howto to avoid 
this situation?

Thanks for hints


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