Hi List,

I wrote a little client-server application, which measures UDP datagram 
transfer speed. The server is using TWSocketServer, and sends a 1500 byte 
length UDP datagram in every half seconds. The number of datagrams to be sent 
is a parameter, tipically some 100, below 1000. The client side receive these 
packets measures the speed (bytes/second) and the counts the missing or lost 
packets (every packet has an incremental unique id).

But on the client side there is a strange behaviour: in about every minute no 
datagram is coming for some seconds, and after that all of them coming in one 
bunch, like if emptying some kind of buffer. After that everything returns 
normal for about another 1 minute. 

Is it a normal behaviour, or am I doing something wrong? On the server side 
everything seems to be OK, according to log file every packet is sent with 
correct timing.

Thanks for your help:

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