> I looking for a repeater for ICS like the VNC repeater:
> From a remote location, the client reach a repetaer a fix address
> behind a firewall and this one routes the packet to one of the
> internal machines not "reachable" from outside.

This is what I name a "proxy".

> Any idea ?

I have no idea about VNC protocol, but if it is like most other protocols, 
writing a proxy is fairly
simple. Basically, you have a TWSocketServer listenning from incomming 
connection on the port used
by VNC. For each connection, it connect to the real target and relay trafic 

You can have a look at "SocketSpy", a simple application having similar feature 
- it may already
work for VNC !). SocketSpy is on the "usermade" page at ICS website. His author 
is listening here.
Author of ICS (Internet Component Suite, freeware)
Author of MidWare (Multi-tier framework, freeware)

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