> Hi
> I'm looking to build a server application that will receive data from 
> multiple clients.
> Each client thread will send it's data encypted and compressed, the server 
> will process this and the post the information to a Firebird Database;
> I've been playing around with the ThrdSrv example, and created an db 
> connection class that I use to talk to the database using IBOjects.
> Would someone point me in the right direction as to where would be the best 
> place to decompress/decrypt the data and then instantiate the db connection.
> many thanks

Hi Andy,

could you be a bit more precise about the kiond of data handled ?

About sending data, compressed and encrypted, unless you deal with big amount 
of sent data at once,
i would suggest you to have a look at François PIETTE's Midware Component Suite 
The demo are very well explained.

if you deal with big amount, still at once, i would suggest you more to have a 
look at the ftp server component.
You can imagine to encrypt and compress your data into a 'memory file' and the 
send it through a ftp client.
On your ftp server, you can then receive a file and then uncompress and decrypt 

unless you want to create your own protocol. But as you mentioned in your mail 
object you're newbie ;)


Best regards,

Guillaume MAISON
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