Hi All,
I have set OnSessionAvailable event for a socket that acts as server as
Server1 := TWSocket.Create(nil);
  with Server1 do begin
    Proto := 'tcp' ;
    Addr  := MyAddress ;
    Port := IntToStr(Fport) ;
    OnSessionAvailable := Avaialable ;//my method
    Listen ;
end ;
Now when I send data to this socket,  Server is getting data first time
but next time onwards  no data reaches the server.
When I went deeper to code with in procedure
TCustomWSocket.WMASyncSelect(var msg: TMessage); event,
the condition 
   Check := msg.lParamLo and FD_ACCEPT;
    if Check <> 0 then begin
gets triggered only once, when I am sending data first time. But never
again. Only when the socket satisfies the ACCEPT condition I see
OnSessionAvailable event getting triggered. So it never returns to
ACCEPT mode after first send and switches between READ and WRITE modes.
It is LISTENING but not ACCPTING Do not know what should be done to make
it to ACCEPT mode. The connection never gets closed also. No idea whats
Any thoughts?
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