Thanks Wilfried and Arno.

I did have NOFORMS defined in the project settings.
That's how I got 111KB in the original project. Then I
just modified it.

I tried excluding the uses units one by one and it seems
that I'm having the minimum. What I have (in all units) are:

  Windows, SysUtils, Messages, WSocket, WsocketS;

I still can not make the file smaller than 300+KB :(

BTW Wilfried, it seems that TWSocket does support more
than 1 client. The ConSrv sample is a telnet server and I
tried with 2 telnet clients, both worked fine :)

Best regards,

Sunday, April 10, 2005, 1:54:18 PM, you wrote:

WM> Hello Jack,

>> With NOFORMS defined, the application size is about 111KB.

WM> the NOFORMS exclude some units in the uses clause to decrease the
WM> filesize.

>> After I replaced TWSocket with TWSocketServer, the file size
>> becomes over 300KB. I went through the uses clauses. It's
>> the minimum already. I can not make it as small as it was.

WM> Hmm I suspect some unit can be excluded in uses clause because not the
WM> TWSocketServer increase with 200 kb.

>> 1. Why is TWSocket used for the server socket, instead of
>>    TWSocketServer?

WM> I think this is older demo. TWSocketServer did not exists in the
WM> beginning.

>>    If so, what's the difference of using it and TWSocketServer for
>>    server sockets? In other words, when should I use TWSocket and when
>>    to use TWSocketServer?

WM> Use TWSocketServer for TCP server sockets. TWSocketServer use TWSocket
WM> as server socket. You can use TWSocket of course but then you have to
WM> reinvent the wheel, holding client connections and all other goodies
WM> that are implemented in TWSocketServer.

WM> Maybe there is one exception (but I think you only gain a few kb of exe
WM> size), and that is if you only wants to have 1 client.

WM> ---
WM> Rgds, Wilfried

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