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Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 7:41 AM
Subject: ICS : solution for iPlanet Web Proxy Server

> Hello,
> I have seen messages posted by "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" on the ICS mailing
list about the problem when using ICS with the iPlanet Web Proxy Server.
> You will find below the reason and a solution (I give you my conclusions
in this email rather than in the ICS mailing list because I have tried to
register to be able to post to the list, but unsuccessfully).
> The reason of the problem is the following : RFC 2617 states that a proxy
server should return 'proxy-authenticate: Basic(...)', but the iPlanet Web
Proxy Server does not follow this rule and returns 'proxy-authenticate:
> This is shown by the traces provided by "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".
> Most browsers are tolerant with respect to this behaviour, but ICS (at
least in version 13/3/2005) is not.
> A solution for the Delphi package is the following (description is for the
13/3/2005 version of ICS): lines 1384 and 1397 in file
{$ICSHOME}\delphi\vc32\httpprot.pas should be changed from
>              if Copy(FDoAuthor.Strings[TmpInt], 1, 5) = 'Basic' then begin
> to
>              if UpperCase(Copy(FDoAuthor.Strings[TmpInt], 1, 5)) = 'BASIC'
then begin
> I suggest that François Piette includes this improvment in the next
release of ICS (it is possible that proxy servers other than iPlanet also
have the same kind of problem).
> I take this opportunity to report to François Piette another problem (at
least in version 13/3/2005) : if we call the THttpCli.get() method with the
"url" property without any protocol specified (such as in
url="www.microsoft.com"), the get() method fails because the "FProtocol"
variable is not set in DoRequestAsync(), resulting in the execution
afterwards of SockectDnsLookupDone() detecting that the protocol is invalid
because empty (test made with get() in synchronous mode). It should be more
convenient if when no protocol is defined the default protocol is "http://";
: another suggestion !
> Last word : François, sincere congratulations for your efforts in the ICS
product !
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