Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> Given you want best performance one should use the async/none-blocking
>> methods, however in TFtpCli each method has also a blocking (sync)
>> counterpart that allows you to code more like the Indy way (slow).
> Indy might be slow, I really don't know, but I don't see using the sync
> methods in ICS provides any difference in performance to using the
> async versions, it's just a different way of programming (at least
> provided you remove or disable Sleep/MsgWaitForMultipleObjects).

Indy is blocking, buggy, has a huge overhead and encapsulates
too many things that I am able to control in ICS. 
However the speed depends of course, if you have just a single instance,
it makes no difference, but how do you realize multiple, concurrent i.e.
FTP-dowloads in sync mode? You would have to go multithreaded, pooled or
one thread per connection but that's definitely slower than having
multiple instances in a single thread.

Arno Garrels
> I use sync methods in most of my multi-tasking applications, and they
> work very nicely.  They also make a program probably 10 times easier to
> develop and maintain that using async, since you don't need state flags
> all over the place to try and work out what you are supposed to do next
> in RequestDone.
> Angus

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