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> You need:
> - A TStringList with all URL to get, call it UrlToGetList

> - A TSringList with all URL that are being processed, call it
> UrlBeingGetList

> - A TObjectList with 50 HTTP Component, call it FreeHttpCliList

> - A TObjectList with all Http components that are busy getting URL, call
> BusyHttpCliList

> - When you start the process, you have a loop that will iterate thru the
> FreeHttpCliList. For each one, extract an url from UrlToGetList, move tha
> url to the UrlBeingGetList and start a HttpCli.GetAsync, move the Http
> component to the BusyHttpCliList. When the UrlToGetList is empty or
> FreeHttpCliList is empty, break the loop. Use the Tag property of the Http
> component to store the time you started to get the URL.
> - Use a TTimer which will iterate thru the BusyHttpCliList, checking the
> against the current time to find out which one has timed out. If timed
> call his Abort method.

What will happen when someone will change the system time?
What does (TDataTime-TDataTime) return? miliseconds?

> - From the OnRequestDone on all Http component, print the result of the
> move the component to the FreeHttpCliList and postmessage a custome
> to your form. The corresponding message handler will start the process
> again. If the url failed to be got, move it again to the UrlToGetList,
> otherwise, remove it from the list where it is.

Don't undertand... what message to form? How? What for?
And I dont really know how to get the result... I have OnRequestDone... but
how do i get the request result?

Thank you very much for your patience.

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