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> > you are ritght because working with float is more CPU. But GetTickCount
> > roll over every 49 day... So without extra code the timeout can fail if
> > it is (by Murphy's law) just on the particular moment..
> One can still use gettickcount then. One only has to combine it with your
> technique to keep track of the roll over. (to get the most significant
> so to say) So set a timer every 49 days (or the maximal resolution of the
> timer if <49days )instead of each and every second
The easiest way is to just set the SecondsBetween or something like that...
it wont matter if its less or more... for example we are starting thread at
48day,23h,59m,30s... and tick... 0... difference is still too high, thread
will get terminated... it doesnt really matter... few more timeouts every 48
days... nothing to cry about...

Anyway i still dont know how can i get da whole recived document
OnRequestDone... and can i put in there some procedures and they still will
be async? And is there any way to get the least possible data? I dont need
anything but pure text of the page...

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