Maurizio Lotauro wrote:

I noticed that the HttpCli component return the 404 status code not
only when the server return this code but even under different
situations. For example when it is unable to resolve the hostname or
when wsocket raise an error (please correct me if I'm wrong).

I noticed this too.

In a program I implemented a very simply retry mechanism. The retry
will be executed only if the status code returned is not a permanent
error (I identified the 408, 503 and 504). The 404 is a permanent one
but it is returned even when the socket return 10060 (Connection
timed out).

404 in this case is wrong and doesn't reflect the real situation.
I would add a property "RetryCount" to decide how many times a request should be retried in case of non permanent error.

Probably a solution could be to expose the FRequestDoneError field.
The status code should be meaningful only if FRequestDoneError=0.

What do you think?

I assumed status code=0 as a socket error, and I modified the source for this behaviour.
Exposing FRequestDoneError is probably better.

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