Scrive Francois Piette <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> > Probably a solution could be to expose the FRequestDoneError field.
> > The status code should be meaningful only if FRequestDoneError=0.
> You mean reporting 10060 (and others) to the error field ?

If you mean FRequestDoneError yes.

> Yes, probably good. But statuscode must still return 404 otherwise probably a
> lot of existing
> application code would be broken !

Yes of course. I think that have a "new" information (and exsposing 
FRequestDoneError probably could be sufficient, I haven't checked the source 
code deeply) to tell the programmer if the error is returned by the server or 
from a different source (wsocket?).
Then the programmer, if he/r want, can check the RequestDoneError and if it is 
0 can examine the StatusCode. I think that it is not necessary to change what 
accually is assigned to the StatusCode, so nothing will be break.

If you will implement this, you should check that the RequestDoneError will 
always contain a value different from 0 in the situations mentioned above.

Bye, Maurizio.

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