Hello Arno,

> I recall that we had a discussion in this list a while ago, but there seems
> to be nothing in FAQ yet.

I have a lot of saved mails to put in the FAQ. Maybe I recalled some of
them. Need to find some time soon to upgrade FAQ. Will drop a message as
always when done.

> I just wonder how other programs can provide a
> user defined TCP timeout that appears to overrule the system setting or is
> something like that just a fake?

I think the best way to handle is when your own timeout expires then
handle the timeout, and when 10060 is before your timeout then just
retry in silence :)

> My opinion was (and still is) that if I don't get a response after
> 30-50 sec it's useless to wait any longer since either the line is too

I have same opinion :)

> But I'll make it like you said and will satisfy them by a little spinedit
> to play with ;)

Flemish proverb: Let the customar be the King :)
But you can read it aswell as: Let the customar think he is the King :)

Rgds, Wilfried

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