> Francois PIETTE wrote:
>>> I just wonder how other programs can provide a
>>> user defined TCP timeout that appears to overrule the system setting or
>>> is something like that just a fake?
>> I've searched on MSDN and found that setsockopt has those options:
>> SO_RCVTIMEO Receives time-out in milliseconds (available in the Microsoft
>> implementation of Windows Sockets 2).
>> SO_SNDTIMEO Sends time-out in milliseconds (available in the Microsoft
>> implementation of Windows Sockets 2).
>> Maybe this is what you search for ?
>> The text is not clear is those BSD options are supported or not !

> Now I understood the what BSD means :) Berkley Software Distribution or
> so,
> the roots of Winsock.

> I think it's not supported, since I added the block below to
> TCustomWSocket.Connect
> and receive data just fine though the timeout is set to 1 ms. Or am I
> missing
> something?

You guys probably forgot about Win32 API Help shipped with Delphi. There's
clearly noted:

BSD options not supported for setsockopt are:

Value           Type    Meaning
SO_ACCEPTCONN   BOOL    Socket is listening
SO_RCVLOWAT     int     Receive low water mark
SO_RCVTIMEO     int     Receive time-out
SO_SNDLOWAT     int     Send low water mark
SO_SNDTIMEO     int     Send time-out
SO_TYPE         int     Type of the socket

Current Win32 API Help file documents Winsock 2 (Windows Sockets 2), and
as far as I know Microsloth, they didn't even attempted to implement these

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