Hello Francois,
I'm writing a service and when I try to get the directory FTP1.Dir returns
false. How can I pinpoint the problem and is there a way to figure out why
it's returning false?
I'm using it in non-multithread mode. What's more curious about the code is
the fact it works when I use the same unit from a normal windows program.
And from the service it's crashing. Do you have any ideas what could
possibly cause the error?
Also a side problem I'm having is: do you know of a simple way to parse the
results from the DIR command into a simple list of filenames, sizes,
attributes (directory or a file) and timestamp? All I'm getting is a text
file and currently I hardcoded the parsing, and that isn't listed anywhere
as best practice, but all I wanted is to get it working quickly and clean it
up later.
Thanks in advance for any help and ideas,
Nikolay Simeonov
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