>> Is there *any* way to slow down
>> ICS, so message queue overflow won't occur so often?

> Unless you use UDP or wsoSIO_RCVALL option, there is no reason to have a
> message queue overflow.
> Using TCP, if you don't read data as fast as the sender is able to send,
> the protocol is designed so
> that sender stop sending (TCP is a "windowed" protocol. Once the "window"
> is full of packets without
> ACK, the sender stop sending).

> Well I see a possibility: maybe you have a receive buffer too small. Each
> time you read a buffer,
> insock will immediately post a new message if there is more data in his
> internal buffer (4 or 8KB
> if I remember well).

> Have you tried the conditional  TOMASEK ?

Just checked it out - no difference... except for TNntpCli which started
to give me "10035 Operation Would Block" errors.

> Have you tried the option wsoNoReceiveLoop ?

Yes, and it didn't helped much.

This looks like two (or more) message pumps working "simultaneously", and
the ICS pumps have higher priority than application global pump. Wrrrr...
Seems like two-threaded solution is the only solution for my problem :(

Piotr "Hellrayzer" Dalek
Author of ICS-Based Hellcore Mailer - an Outlook Express killer

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