> > Defenitely not. Depending on the network traffic, you could easily have
> > something like one thousand messages per second in the queue.
> > The message loop must run full speed.
> >
> > As I said, you must either provide a callback to the DLL to call the
> > application's message pump, or have you own thread with his
> > own message queue and message pump (easier).
> Okay, timer doesn't work for another reason: the timer component needs
> messages itsself so doesn't fire.
> Setting up a thread and simply execute application.processmessages in it
> over and over doesn't work either.

In a thread, you doesn't call Application.ProcessMessages but the own
message pump of the thread that you must first create.

> How has that messagepump to look like? Any example?

Look into IcsDll1.pas delivered with ICS (there are othe rmultithreaded
sample, just do a search...)


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