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Hi List!

I will repost a email I sent to Francois, of course it is for everybody:

I am trying to send video from a point to another, using UDP. Francois told me about the UdpSend/UdpLstn demo, and I conclude with:

The UdpSend/Lstn demo generates an error here (ListenBackLog Property does not exist), but I can read all the source. There you use a buffer as string. I am getting data from a video capture and I will transmit it by UDP (video broadcast), I receive a video_buffer that has about 20Kb of size (per second), so I need send that.

The question is, I suppose to use TWSocket.Send(buf,size) ok? Will the udp stack take control over the 20Kb I am trying to send? How do I control that

If you're using UDP the maximum packet size, and so the maximum size you can use in a send call is about 65KB, but be sure to set TWSocket's bufsize property.
As for ListenBackLog, I'm not sure, can you just ignore the error?
Did I answer the right question, I'm not entirely sure what you're asking...

Other question is, there is the SendTo(Addr,buf,size) method, maybe I should use that, but is there any easy function to convert the normal dotted IP address (, ie) to the 'sockaddr_in' type?

There is a winsock function, and the WSocket unit has a wrapper for it, called something like inet_addr. That will get you the IP, and you will also want htons when assigning the port (to convert from host byte order to network byte order).

Sorry if my doubts are very basic, but I am learning about your component and I ever sent video via internet :)

That's it... :)

Good luck :)


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