On 06-May-05 08:54:32 Marcello Vezzelli wrote:

>Maurizio Lotauro wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I made some authentication test with the THttpCli component. I use
>> Ethereal to see what the component send and receive. With my big
>> surprise, when the component made an authentication using NTLM,
>> Ethereal show me the credential as clear text!!!
>> At this point the question is: the NTLM is "secure" as Basic?

>There is something wrong in your test.

Not in my test but in my eyes. WHat will be showed are user and host
name :-)
Sorry for "false" allarm...


>> P.S. A little question to the Ethereal users. Someone know if it is
>> possible to monitoring the local tcp traffic?

>You mean loopback capture on local interfaces?


>I think this is not possibile due to a limitation of Windows IP stack.


Bye, Maurizio.

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