Hello Nik,

> Thank you very very very mutch, spended already many hours

Its my pleasure. In fact I found it very quick. I myself forgot a few
tiem the ClientClass in the beginning, so looking at your code I
certainly tought on it :) I was looking for an OnDataAvailable in main
code and did not found it, so I was very quick to your ClientClass :)

> Think all my problems are solved now.

Good !!!!

> Btw, I'm a bit offensed by the idea that my design isn't good
> enough :0P I'm not the greatest analyst in the world but for a
> student, if i may say so, i've made a pretty desent design. 

I did not looked at overall design but I think it is OK. The remark was
more like you should be able to have separate classes that connect to
each other trought properties / events, without knowing from each other.
In that case it is very simple to strip down a program, but also to
re-use code, or make units that hold certain classes in use by many
project just as you do with a component on the palette.

For example you did the same with your tcp class that holds the twsocket
and handle the prote. I guess in future the proto will expand, so that
is good to have it in a separate component.

Rgds, Wilfried

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