Hello Wilfried,

Yes I know about UDP, it is just for one packet sending to detect were
server  is  located  and  then server answer back an udp packet so the
client  machine  know  server's  IP  address and can connect to server


WM> Hello Dod,

WM> For UDP you can use same TWSocket. Remember that the protocol is not
WM> reliable by design and that you have to be prepared of lost packets (or
WM> double, or out of order, even corrupt).

WM> ---
WM> Rgds, Wilfried
WM> http://www.mestdagh.biz

WM> Thursday, May 12, 2005, 09:39, Dod wrote:

>> Hello,

>> Small question, is it safe/correct to use just one WSocket component
>> for doing both listening and sending data ?

>> I actually use two WSocket, one for broadcast listening and other to
>> send the answer to each machine that broadcasted.

>> May I use just one component withtou loosing any incoming data ? I
>> don't think so bt just to be sure...

>> Regards.

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