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I use THttpCli to send real-time request to get replay from Apache 2.0.53
and php thru network.
I make many requests to retrieve records from a DB by php calll on apache -
10 requests per seconds to apache.
Every 5 seconds, I make the same requests to check wether there is changes.
This works very well with THttpCli .

But on the Apache sides, I noticed that there are so many TIME_WAIT
when I check with netstat -a.  Actually, connections keep on increasing.

So, there are many remaining TIME_WAIT sockets on apache.

Is It possible Reuse Socket Port so that only initial 10 connections are

I thought it could be done by re-using the connection.

What can i do for this ?

thanks in advance.


It's just how TCP works...old sockets are left in the TIME_WAIT state for some amount of time, it's nothing to worry about. If you really don't want them then you could use persistent connections. The header is something like Connection: Keep-Alive.


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