Hello Magno,

> this is a very simple question...

I will give you simple ansewr :)

> The method to send something only works in the body
> of the declared events (onClientConnect, ie).

I dont understeand this, sorry !

> If I try Send() or SendTo() it dont send nothing, but if I try use
> SendStr() it calls an exception.

SendTo is only for UDP proto, so dont use it. Send and SendStr is the
one you need. Both are the same (SendStr calls Send).

But do you call Send or SendStr with the right data socket ? Maybe you
try it with the server ? Server cannot send, it is only listening. If
you send back something to a client you have to send it to the rigth
client. eg:

Srv.Clients[i].SendStr('Hello again'#13#10);

Where 'i' is the client to send something.

Rgds, Wilfried

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