> >Winsock nor the component will let you know the server disconnected
> >before you try to send something. So the solution is to periodically send
> >command just to get the error in case the server closed the connection.
> >that periodically sending a command will probably prevent the server from
> >closing the connection because it sees activity.

> Thanks a lot. Which command can you advise to send to check if FTP
> server is avialable?

Any command that do the less possible processing on the server. PWD and SYST
are probably the best choices. SYST is not implemented on all servers.
Probably sending an invalid command could also be good, just to receive the
error "unknown command" or trigger the session closed event.

> I send "Syst" command (after each one minute), but get an error
> thought connection was established.

Which error ? Maybe the server you use doesn't implement that command.

> It is possible to get the error when user view some directory -
> (command "Pwd") and in the same period of time program send command
> "Syst"?

I don't understand what you try to tell me.

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