From: "Arno Garrels" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Woody (TMW) wrote:
>> I am using the TFTPclient component in a small app I built for
>> maintaining my web pages and files. For a long time, everything worked
>> great. Well, I changed ISP's and so I had to move my web page over to the
>> new location. Now, whenever I upload my zip files to the ftp directory,
>> they seem to get corrupted. When I try to download the files for testing,
>> Winzip reports that there are errors and that some bytes are missing. I
>> thought this might be a problem between using ASCII and binary but I have
>> the component set to binary.
>Do you explicitly call TypeBinary/TypeBinaryAsync?
>It is not enough to set property Binary only.


I tried putting a call to TypeBinary just after filling in user,password and
host name but before opening the connection and it didn't change anything.

  FTP1.UserName := edUser.Text;
  FTP1.Password := edPass.Text;
  FTP1.HostName := edURL.Text;
    if FTP1.Connected then begin

Woody (TMW)

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