Jack wrote:
> Hello Francois,
> I'm not using a TDataModule but as I mentioned in my other email,
> I created an object to own the array of TWSocket objects.
> Now I have a new question that relates to the dependency of the
> main form. I'm reusing the sockets. So when a socket is
> disconnected, I assign a different IP and connect again. I understand
> that I can not do this in the OnSessionClosed event handler (or
> that didn't work.) Instead, I need to post a message to the main
> form, and reconnect in the windows message handler. This also
> introduces a dependency to the main form, and adds and some code
> in the main form unit. Is there any other way to defer the call to
> the Connect function so that it will happen after the code exits
> the OnSessionClosed event handler? 

You could use a timer, but why? Posting a custom message in
OnSessionClosed is fine. 

> I know I can create a hidden
> window in the owner object but I would avoid doing that if there
> is an easier way.

Creating a hidden window is very easy.
At least in D7 AllocateHWnd and DeallocateHWnd
are located in both Classes.pas and forms.pas.

Arno Garrels 


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