> The program runs fine, just the connection isn't closed, you can have many
> connections open at the same time, when they are not needed. The strangest
> thing is that it happens only in some machines (that's why you're not
> it), in IE only and with virtual pages, not document pages.

Virtual pages and document pages are the same. Virtual pages use a
TMemoryStream with your data with document page use a TFileStream.

What is the common point between all machine sthat shows the problem ? Do
they have the same IE version ? Are they virus/trojan clean ? Where is the
problem: at the server side or at the client side (you must use two
computers to be sure) ?

> I tried with a sniffer (PacketMon - do you have one better to recommend?),
> but I couldn't find significant differences I could tell.

You can use Ethereal which is freeware (link on my website). I use LanWatch
which is commercial.

> It's really weird, I'll continue researching, if you have something new or
> new idea, please send it.

Can I remotely access your computer  to try webserv ?
I could manage so that you have access to my computer to try webserv. I just
have to open the path thru my router.


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