> the only thing i haven't tested yet is re writing a sample as a service...
> i'll do it on monday...

Well well well...

i've rewritten the service from the sample app, as it seemed to work nicely...
Results are :
- With a client written for test (that just do Connect/GET/Disconnect) it works 
- With my real client application, it doesn't...

i thought that it would come from SQLite, that i'm using, but definitely not...

last, i've been looking at the client side...

and i reminded of somethign François has written in another recent mail :

"Usually, when you receive the same data twice, it is because you called the
message pump from one the ICS component event handler. Never call directly
or indirectly ( ShowMessage, MessageBox,...) from an event handler that is
called by hardware (a data packet comes from the network) unless you really
know what you are doing."

My question is the following :
i'm receiving a file containing ids. i'm analyzing the file as it is received
(after the request done with rqType = ftpGetAsync) and, to prevent the user
from thinking the application is frozen, i open some kind of "Wait until 
finished" window.
as i go through the file received, i set

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