Hi All,

I use THttpCli and the Get() command to download a simple txt file which I parse to see if there is a new version etc.
This appears to work correctly for most people.

The other day I got a report of my software shutting down by itself without any warning or indication and after some investigating by the person at the other end turned out to be the going online and downloading the file that caused the issue.

The issue appears to be linked to a "secure tunnel" which is latin to me ..., not being an expert on online stuff at all !!

After more investigating the person reported the following :

"I replicated the problem by dropping the secure tunnel connection. If I am connected, I have no problem with the online check. It simply shuts down after about ten to fifteen seconds if there is no tunnel. Since most software programs indicate they cannot connect, I didn't make the association quickly enough. When I reestablish the secure tunnel, no problems"

"A secure tunnel is simply a method of restricting the data flow on the Internet. If I bypass the secure tunnel by connecting directly to the Internet, there is also no problem with the software out of the box. It is only when the software cannot obtain a direct connection that it shuts down"

Now, I have no secure tunnel, I wouldn't know how to set it up and I have no clue where to start first.

Anybody an idea how I can emulate this secure tunnel using a permanent connection to the internet (I'm behind a cable modem, The Belgians among you know it as "TeleNet").

Or is there a known issue with secure tunnels ? Something I should be aware of ?


Best Regards,
Peter Van Hove
CD and DVD Data recovery


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