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Francois Piette wrote:
> Your ReadFully won't work. You must think event driven. When OnDataAvailable 
> is triggered, you must
> read data but you can't loop waiting for so much data to come. If you have 
> not received enough data,
> just get thereceived data into a buffer and return from the event handler. 
> When the next
> OnDataAvailable is triggered, you append the next data read into your buffer, 
> until you get enough
> data. Basically, that's what LineMode is doing, until it has received a 
> complete line.

OK.  I understand what you're saying, which for me is a definite step
up.  That being said, when would I actually act on the data that I have
received from the socket?  If I have LineMode off, that means I have to
either 1) look for a terminator or 2) accept <x> many bytes and then act
on the information I have so far, correct?

Again, as I've seen in archive here before, what happens if my
information gets processed in two batches (packets)?  When do I decide
OK, enough is enough, and continue on processing?  Is TWSocket
neccessarily fit for binary-type protocols like Napster/ICQ/WASTE/etc
with variable-length packets?

> In addition, you have a memory leak: you allocate memory and never free it.

Yeah, I noticed that.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  That's
like the 12th Commandment or something (the 11th being "Thou shalt not
divide by zero!") :-)


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