I traced it to on command and it reads the input character by character wrong on some characters such as "įg".

Why is it wrong ? In a previous message you told me turkish was 8 bit characters. Now I understand it is double byte characters.

Could you try with these characters? I know they look corrupted in your email client but indeed they are valid

What you show me is actually TWO characters. I see a lower case c with a cedilla (like in my french first name "Franįois" and lower case letter g. I have no idea how to try with this character. If I try, they would be interpreted as "įg" that is perfectly correct in french and works very well.

Turkish characters and when you put them in a folder name, you will see that ICS server will make them really corrupt!

Please write a program (A very short BCB console mode program is OK, better in Delphi of course) that create such a directory with a filename with turkish characters. Do a screen dump on your turkish screen so that I can compare with mine (do a partial screen dump so that it is not too large, just enough to see what you talk about). Put that screen dump on a server so that everybody can download it, along with your short program


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