Mark Mitton wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am new to Ics and mailing list and networking.
> I was using fastnet with BCB6 for simple transparent
> sending of email with one attachment. I now need to
> support SMTP authentication.
> Does anyone have a sample or some guidance on how to
> send email using TSmtpCli. More specifically, I need
> to detect what authentication mechanism the server
> uses, then authenticate using this mechanism, and send
> an email.
> The sample supplied with ICS download seems to be a
> bit out of date compared to the components features.

You have property AuthType that you should set
to smtpAuthAutoSelect. In that mode the component smartly
detects the most secure AuthType possible. The ESMTP services
returned in the EHLO reply may not always reflect all server
cababilities, so the component tries even AuthTypes are
not in the EHLO reply, but.. it doesn't fall back to no
authentication, in that case you would get an error in
> Also, can anyone tell me what the 'SignOn' property
> is?
>> From what I can tell this is where you enter you
> domain name, but what if you are dialling up? Do you
> use you service provider domain name?

It's a custom HELO/EHLO string, if empty the component
uses the hostname of the computer. It should be a valid
fqdn but can be any string, it depends on the server,
blanks are not allowed.   

Arno Garrels

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