1. I am using a demo source HttpTst. I am opening an URL (using GET) which I
  know is creating a short- term cookie - it's probably being created by
  php to store the session info. The question is how should I save (in the
  memory?) this cookie (some source would be usefull) and ....

You can use any storage method you like. Of course if you like to have the cookie persist after your program shutdown, you must save the cookies to disk. Cookies have an expiration date. If not, they must expire as soon as the program terminate (probably what you call a short term cookie).

2. ... how should I use it (the cookie) in the same session (according to FAQ
  must be the same session!!!) to open a different URL using this cookie.
Also some code would be usefull. The real problem is how to keep the session

Each cookie has an expiration date (see obove) and also a path. You must keep a list of all cookies received. Before each new request, you check the list of cookies to find all not expired and having a path matching the request. Then you send the data part of all matching cookies.


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