Perhaps a 3rd option is using a external *.obj* file included conditionally in the unit.

In the past I used this method with Delphi 5 and Kylix 2 to include a small very fast external library compiled in "C" (flat). To avoid conflicts between Delphi and "C" library, I don't use any "C" library function.


Francois PIETTE wrote:


We could wait a few more days and add the gz compression feature as well. Because gz compression use a DLL, I would like to have it turned off by default at compile time. That is use a conditional compilation switch "USE_HTTP_CLI_GZ" to allow use of the DLL. So all new properties would always be compiled in, but as soon as gz feature is requested at runtime, an exception is raised telling the developper to use the symbol. When the symbol is defined, gz will work as expected.

The next step is to replace the DLL by pure Delphi code, or have a conditional switch to use the DLL or the Delphi code (using the DLL would be probably faster because it is optimized with assembler code).


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