On 09-Jun-05 21:22:39 Moacir Flávio Gonçalves wrote:

Wilfried, this is good for the FAQ :-)

>Well, in the previous version (dont known how old) of THttpCli, my software
>was running ok, but in the new version I am getting a little problem: When I
>"Get" some file like: http://user:[EMAIL PROTECTED], in the OnDocData I
>first receive:


The component now can handle the NTLM authentication. In the previous
version it can handle only the Basic.
Conseguently it doesn't send anymore the credential with the first
request (and what kind of authentication should it use?). If the
server answer with a 401 code (or a proxy with 407) then the
component repeat automatically the request using the credential and
the strongest authentication that the server accpet and the component
can hadle. This is why the event is triggered two times (for Basic,
otherwise for NTLM is three times).

FYI, browser handle the authentication in the same way.

In the next release (or ATM using the "fixed" version) you can force
the component to start the authentication with the first request.
In any case for NTLM the event will triggered two times.

Bye, Maurizio.

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