On Jun 11, 2005, at 09:11, Francois PIETTE wrote:
InternalDecodeStream read the input stream and find line end (using only LF because so much messages are mal formed and use only LF instead of CR/LF pair). Of course if CR is there, it is processed transparently.

This is easily explained -- a lot of people working on UNIX/Linux send "\n" at the end of a line in the socket stream, which in the UNIX world translates to only LF. It is easy and convenient to think that printing "\n" at the end of the line is the right thing to do, after all, that's the way to do it for any other output stream. But in most text-based, Internet protocols, this is wrong. I've seen many Perl and PHP scripts (like for webmail applications or error reporting tools) do this. The correct way, of course, is to send an explicit CRLF.


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