This query relates to the HTTPCli component.

I have a web client and server pair which is not co-operating and I can't 
find the bug.  Lets call this pair A.  I have another pair, call it B, 
which is working just fine - and has been for a while.  If I change the 
string (content) sent and the URL, to the values for B, client A 
works just fine, so the problem must be with server A.  Either its the 
program, the string sent, or the URL.

The bug gets more frustrating.  Server A is in folder A on the server PC 
and server B in folder B.  Copying server A to folder B and modifing the 
URL appropriately, I tried client A again.  There's still an error, but a 
different one!

I don't believe the errors to be relevant (I think they're misleading) 
but when I use client A to send to server A in folder A, I get the 
"Method not allowed" error.  When I send to the copy of the server in 
folder B, I get "File or network error".  

I'm using the POST method and the server is a CGI script.  I'm 
programming in Delphi 7 on an XP PC and the server is a Windows 2000 PC.

My belief is that the problem is the server program.  Is anybody willing to 
give me advice on how to squash this bug?  I hope the above is sufficient 
information, but I'd be delighted to supply any missing detail. I appreciate 
the HTTPCli component is working just fine, but the error messages it's giving 
me aren't leading me to the cause of the problem.

John Randall.
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