Dave wrote:
> I'm trying to create a service app which checks the status of 80 remote
> printers by accessing their web pages using the ICS HTTP Client
> asynchronously.  I initially put the code in a GUI app to test it, then
> tried to move it to a service and discovered that there is no
> Application.ProcessMessages method so I don't seem to be able to make the
> main procedure loop until the event is triggered.

Why Application.ProcessMessages? You don't need it.

> In the main execute function I just want to wait until each of the
> requests responds & triggers the OnRequestDone event.  How can I do this
> in a service app?

Waiting is not a good idea, the service has to be responsive to control
messages and ICS requires that messages are processed as well, think
event-driven. SvcTcp demo is a good service howto.

> The only alternatives I can see are either make the app threaded & to put
> each of the requests into a separate thread & use the synchronous calls,
> or process them sequentially synchronously in the main execute function.

Avoid additional worker threads unless you realy need them, it would
complicate things unnecessarily. 

Arno Garrels

> Any ideas?

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