Dear Francois,

Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I will do as you suggest. I've used the Web App Debugger tool in Delphi, but this shows me little more than I can see in your error messages (which I can also see by setting breakpoints in your programming and examining the values of variables).

May I say that I've used your ICS components - particularly the SMTP component - since Delphi 1 or 2 days (if you keep a record, you'll find me with a Stellenbosch address and e-mail address [EMAIL PROTECTED]), and this component has sat working without complaint in the software I make and maintain for the company I work for. I started using your SMTP component because my brother had started a company and I helped him by making software for him (his company) in my spare time. The company obtains visas (yet another WeQ4U company). My software started out as a means of tracking a visa application, but it took over my life so much, that I decided to leave my job in the University and come to work for my brother. The program using your SMTP component has grown to a complete business software tool - e.g. it has a salary sub-system, it reconciles a bank statement, etc., etc.

Communicating with our clients - travel agents - is important to us. We send out "circulars" saying something like "The French embassy now wants two colour photographs, black-and-white is no longer acceptable". These go out through you component. We also send e-mails saying something like "We lodged your application for a multiple-entry visa to China today" and these also go out through your SMTP component. These e-mails are constructed from information in the database underlying the software. Your component allows the software to pump out about 1000 e-mails per work day. That this all happens without human intervention astonishes me. I was born in 1947 and remember the technology of the time - like the surplus military 3-ton truck my father owned. The gears crashed and the differential whined!

Another component of yours I use is the HTTPCli component. I made a program, called Screen2Screen, which travel agents install on their PC's. It delivers the costs and requirements for visas, along with an application form and it manages the progress report e-mails we send out. The HTTPCli component is embedded on this program. There must be about 600 active copies of the program running on PC's all aver South Africa. So you can say that you play a part in the daily life of people in the travel industry of South Africa! Our portal's URL is

In short, many thanks for your contributions!

John Randall.

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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Unhelpful error message from the HTTPCli

Is anybody willing to
give me advice on how to squash this bug?

Use a network sniffer to spy on the LAN cable and see if the request is what you expect it to be, what the CGI expect it to be, see the difference between your two clients.

You can use Ethereal which is free. Link is on my "links" page at my website.


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Subject: [twsocket] Unhelpful error message from the HTTPCli

This query relates to the HTTPCli component.

I have a web client and server pair which is not co-operating and I can't
find the bug.  Lets call this pair A.  I have another pair, call it B,
which is working just fine - and has been for a while.  If I change the
string (content) sent and the URL, to the values for B, client A
works just fine, so the problem must be with server A.  Either its the
program, the string sent, or the URL.

The bug gets more frustrating.  Server A is in folder A on the server PC
and server B in folder B.  Copying server A to folder B and modifing the
URL appropriately, I tried client A again.  There's still an error, but a
different one!

I don't believe the errors to be relevant (I think they're misleading)
but when I use client A to send to server A in folder A, I get the
"Method not allowed" error.  When I send to the copy of the server in
folder B, I get "File or network error".

I'm using the POST method and the server is a CGI script.  I'm
programming in Delphi 7 on an XP PC and the server is a Windows 2000 PC.

My belief is that the problem is the server program. Is anybody willing to
give me advice on how to squash this bug?  I hope the above is sufficient
information, but I'd be delighted to supply any missing detail. I appreciate that the HTTPCli component is working just fine, but the error messages it's giving
me aren't leading me to the cause of the problem.

John Randall.
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