> Message-based component are 100% OK in a console mode application. There are 
> a lot of console mode
> samples delivered with ICS (at least written in Delphi). Start looking by the 
> most recent which are
> always the best.

I want to step into the SmtpProt.pas and trace the variables value to see what 
goes wrong.  However in the Pascal unit the "Watch" and "Debug - Inspect" 
features of the C++ Builder IDE are not workable.  Is that a limitation of C++ 
Builder to debug Pascal source, or there are some settings to allow to do so?

I find there is a ConApp.pas in ICS source that features message loop.  Can I 
make a C++ Builder console application to start with it?  If positive, would 
anyone kindly advise how?  The C++ Builder's Console Wizard only allows to 
specify 'C' or "C++" source to start with.

The above questions should be posted to Borland's newgroup, but I receive no 
response after doing so and therefore have a try here.  Thank you for your 

Best regards,
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