Paul wrote:
> I still have one question :when I use a Windows2003 server , what is the
> value I should use or can I set it to 200 anyway on any version of
> Windows server ? 

If it's set higher then supported by the OS it shouldn't hurt.
The listenbacklog is a queue/buffer sitting in front of the listening
socket. If that queue is full a connecting client gets a winsock error
(I forgot the error number). 

Arno Garrels

> Paul
>> It's the OS that get notified when a client wants to connecto to your
>> program. If the Backlog is 1, the OS wont accept any more connections
>> before your program have accepted the previous attempt to connect.>>>
>> On a non-server-platform, this backlog is usually limited to 5 or 10. On
>> a server-platform, this limitation is usually 200. The backlog setting
>> in ICS wont do any good if higher than the OS permits.
>> With a high backlog value, you can have short periods of time where
>> clients try to connect to your program faster then your program can
>> handle, and still dont loose any connections.
>> Regards Bjørnar

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