??????? ??????? wrote:
> Hello!
> I have some problem:
> I called MimeDec::DecodeFile() with attached file as argument,
> in event handler OnPartBegin (OnPartHeaderBegin too) Sender-
> >PartFileName.c_str() and Sender->PartName.c_str() return empty string.

At the beginning of a part values are of course empty. 
Get PartFileName in OnPartHeaderEnd and FileName in OnHeaderEnd.

BTW: Your uploaded mail worked perfectly (although I do not speak Russian).
But it was created by Outlook Express ??

Arno Garrels
> just installed latest version of ICS, with previos ver. my code works
> normally. Message generated by Microsoft Outlook (Office 2000), with
> messages generated by Outlook Express all works OK.  
> Message is too big for attachment, I can send it separetly.
> (During trace process FFileName assigment passed, but in result it become
> empty) (also SyncPop3Cli->ConnectSync() not connected, my source code not
> changed) 
> Best regards!
>  Dmitry Andreev.
>  PS: I am sorry about my poor English

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