Stanislav Korotky wrote:
> Hello All!
> Perhaps, I'm asking a little bit wrong question but my intension
> is to feed with messages only selected TWSocket objects and avoid
> a usage of threads. Is this possible? 
> As far as I know, TWSocket
> creates its windows with a predefined class name, which can not
> be changed. Would it be correct if I customize the member
> XSocketWindowClass.lpszClassName and make it available as
> property or global method? After that I could write my custom
> message loop where the messages are filtered by window's
> class names. Is there more simple way? Or should I use
> threads anyway?

I do not understand what you want to achieve, may be other readers have
the same problem. I'm using multiple instances of TWSocket in my apps.
and I do not need to fiddle around with the XSocketWindowClass.

Arno Garrels

> I'm not afraid of threaded approach, but I completely agree with
> Fran?ois's widely known opinion, that it is better to not use
> threads when it's possible, and utilize event-driven approach.
> Best wishes,
> Stanislav Korotky,
> Russia, Moscow, CET +02:00

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