Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
> I always though that proper monitoring of TCP/IP traffic required a
> device driver, but BMExtreme seems to manage it through the standard
> winsock API:
> It's able to list IP addresses visited, and distinguish internal and
> external traffic on a adaptor, on most OSs (I'm using XP SP2).  A quick
> look at it's dependencies suggests only WSAIotl is used, plus open
> socket, etc.
> So is there a way to monitor traffic on an adaptor using winsock?  It
> would make a very useful ICS component, allowing bandwidth monitoring
> in particular which is important to many with capped ADSL connections.
> I currently use IP Helper, but this only sees total traffic through an
> adaptor, and I need to exclude local stuff.

May be it's possible with SOCK_RAW socket type. Have you read the article 
"Hands on TCP/IP programming in Delphi" by Alfred Mirzagitov?
It's in the TCPIP sub directory.

Arno Garrels

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